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Stories about real humans who normally don’t get to do the telling. This platform is here to give people storytelling-power who feel that a Single Story wrongly represents them. Here you meet the humans that Single Stories usually hide behind stereotypes.

Climate Stories for the COP 26

Climate Campaign

Climate Stories for COP 26

Inspiring speakers shared their lived personal experiences beyond single narratives. Listen to their stories of being impacted by the climate crisis as well as the actions they are taking.

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Second Stories is the platform to start introducing oneself with ‘secondly,’ a platform to get to know people through multiple stories that they, themselves, find to accurately describe their identity, complexity, and humanity.

A Second Story is every story that a Single Story leaves out. These stories add to the completeness and complexity of the person that the Single Story fails to describe.

With many Second Stories, we aim to find ourselves with multi-facetted stories.

Second Stories

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