About Us


Our Mission

Break Single Stories and turn them into Multi-Facetted Stories. 

Our Vision

A society where we are curious about each other’s humanity; where we have the safe space to tell our Second Stories and the compassion to listen and learn, and to meet as intersectional individuals at eye-level.


“We need to tell different stories, to humanise the other”

Elif Shafak

Meet The Founders

Léa Jebali

REcruiting of Storytellers/volunteers

Hi, my name is Léa. I am a 22 year old enthusiast, who loves to emerge myself in new things. I grew up bilingually and interculturally  and I love to surround myself with warm-hearted people. Diversity and Inclusion are very close to my heart. I envision a world, where we encounter as individuals at eye level without clichés and with the same opportunities. My conviction to stand together with other people for a just and diverse world is my personal motivation. 

Valerie Knöpker (She/Her/Hers)

Community Building

Hi, my name is Valerie. I am 22 years old and currently living and studying in Zwolle, the Netherlands. I am passionate about social justice and equal opportunities for everyone, no matter the background or the boxes people are put intoI hope for a peaceful world in which we meet as individuals, set aside prejudices and attempt to embrace each other’s differences instead. I believe Storytelling cannot only change our personal perceptions, but evolve entire societies for the better.

Lena Meisinger (She/Her/Hers)

Social media

Hi, my name is Lena and I am a 24-year-old student in the Netherlands. With my whole heart, I believe in the good in people and envision a world where we can meet at eye-level without judgement. My passion lies in amplifying voices and understanding what makes the world think the way it does in order to create positive social and societal change. With the influence of language and storytelling, I want to become witness of the power that lies beyond the Single Stories in this world.

Your Name

Choose your role

Do you believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change when it comes to the climate crisis? 

We are looking for open-minded and dedicated change-makers to build a diverse, global community of storytellers. Choose your role and support us in Social Media, Recruiting, Community Building or Storyediting .

Meet Our Volunteers

Terese Teoh (She/Her/Hers)

Social media

Terese (she/her) is a second-year university student from Singapore. She is passionate about climate justice and began volunteering with Spread Second Stories because she loves listening to people’s stories and hopes to amplify unheard voices.

Evelyn Acham

Social media

Evelyn Acham is a climate justice activist from Uganda.She is the National coordinator for Rise Up movement,An Arctic Angel with Global Choices and a member of Fridays For Future.

toby Trusted

Story editing

 I’ve been passionate about the environment since I was eight years old, and I’ve always loved telling stories, and making a difference. SpreadSecondStories was the perfect opportunity to spread awareness of the climate crisis, and talk to people from all over the world, all of whom have something interesting to say.

Louisa Hotzelmann

Story Collecting

Hi, my name is Louisa. I am 20 years old and a climate justice activist for about 2,5 years now. Through my activism, I learned that storytelling must be included in all forms of civic engagement to make the world crises more real – to give them a face, a voice, a heart. The stories we tell and the activism we do must be based on an intersectional perspective. Depending on one’s appearance, opinion, identity, and background people are differently affected by the climate crisis. I want to focus on amplifying the voices of the Most Affected People and Areas.

Join us as a volunteer

Support us in Social Media, Recruiting, Community Building or Storyediting

Second Stories are not the end goal but the start of a conversation.


Our Values

Give a stage to those stories that we usually listen to the least. We invite people whose stories get marginalised to share their story because we believe people should be in charge to shape their own stories. We feature Second Stories in the advantage of storytellers that are least visible in other media.

However, everyone’s Second Stories deserve to be told and are more than welcome on this platform.

Tell your story without putting others down. Here, we do not want you to say negative things about other people; not in your Second Story, not in the comments. We uphold the right to refuse stories that contain negative biases towards other groups or individuals and delete prejudices and harming comments and statements.

Often, we tell a lot of stories about others, here we tell our own stories in the way that we ourselves find them to accurately describe us. Tell your story in terms of facts and your own feelings: Tell them how you perceived them. Try to acknowledge that other characters in your story might have a different experience, but do not downplay your perspective.

Listeners have the responsibility to empathically listen to the storytellers. So not just hear them, but really listen. Aim to learn something new and ask questions.

We aim to show stories about humans. We like your stories to be about real humans with both talents and flaws. This is not a platform for inspiration porn and not a platform for pitifulness. When raising awareness and funds, many organisations show the helplessness of the people in need because pity is a strong emotion for action. However, this often re-enforces a Single Story and robs people of their dignity. We look for stories about people that show that they can be both in pain and functional, both in need of help and dignified. Similarly, we like to meet heroes with flaws who have success stories that include the struggles that are almost always part of them. Your stories can be about everyday life, they do not need to include big incidents. 

Second Stories are not the end goal but the start of a conversation. When telling your story, aim to be listened to, aim to empower, and aim to connect with the people who now for the first-time understand a new perspective.

Treat each other equally and fair on the platform. Try to see that everyone has a different experience and that all are valid.

We aim to make the platform accessible for people of all backgrounds. Therefore, we ask you to tell your story in language that is understandable for a broad public. Try to avoid jargon and unnecessarily complicated sentence structures.