All over the world, finally the Netherlands

I’m Soraya 

My family and friends call me Alice in wonderland.

I’m originally from Iran but I was born and grew up in Germany. In the wartime between Iran and Iraq, my parents went back to Iran, it was like traveling from Heaven to Hell. In Germany, I grew up like a princess but in Iran, I was afraid for every moment of my life.

After school, I studied Law at Tehran University. It was all Islamic Law which focused on the right of non-equality.

I couldn’t understand why the rights of women are half of the rights of men in the Islamic texts.

So I decided to do a Master and PhD in International Law and with my family support I travelled to India as a Non-Secular Democratic Country. 

In the beginning, the theory part of the concept of Human Rights or Fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of life, freedom of marriage, non-discrimination was so fair to me but after a while I recognized India is still busy with these old traditional men’s culture and only by law women have the same rights, but practically they don’t.  

I was proud of myself that what I learned about Human Rights is true and I can teach it and develop it in my country Iran. I was happy to become a teacher in the law department to teach innocent students to discover justice. After years I became the director of the law department in the university, so I was a woman, and I became the head of the Master Law Department. I thought I would have the power to change the system and make my own world that is just and just justice. I thought I could teach the true concept of Humanity and Human Rights. 

But it was just a dream. I was under pressure from the government for each second when I stood in my own classrooms. I couldn’t teach what I learned. I should just teach the Islamic Sharia, which is full of inhumanities like lashes, stoning, death, execution…

I was so disappointed, but I wrote a book and published it. It’s about equality. I chose my own professors’ group in the university and I worked with a number of human rights advocates, and I told my students in private what I believe regarding Human Rights.  

One day I’m in the Hague in the Peace Palace Library in the Netherlands.

The Truth is always Truth. Faith is Faith and when you fight for the Truth no one can stop you.

After that, I travelled around the world and found Human Dignity here in the Netherlands. I found Amnesty International and how they are free to fight for being free.

I read a book about the culture and the history of the Netherlands stating that after the second world war, the Dutch swear to keep helping each other. It is not just written in the books, it’s practically true: The Netherlands is a land full of the fundamental rights to respect humans and to fight for humanity.  

Please never give up and keep fighting for humanities.

So because I never give up, my friends and family call me Alice in Wonderland.

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