I’m Hazzan

My awareness of Climate Change increased through a Community Development Program in Ijari Local Community Area during my internship program at BISROD Furniture Company, Ogun State, Nigeria when I  was a third-year University student. 

I taught people the importance of trees to Climate Change and planted 84 tree seedlings in the community. I continued with the same initiatives by planting some tree species along the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) Boundary to address environmental problems like flooding.

After that, I volunteered at EdenWorld Initiative on Climate Change in 2016 then proceeded to Kaduna State in the Northern Part of Nigeria for my National Youth Service Program (NYSC) and was admitted into a Skill Acquisition Empowerment Program (SAED) where I learned Solar Power Installation because of the relationship of Solar Panel (Clean Energy) with its significant impact on Climate Change. 

I tutored 40 university students on Climate Change and cited the relevance of my first-degree research on agricultural residue (banana stem) in the production of briquette and flooring tiles, which revolved around Sustainable Forest Management and the students were captivated. Then, worked in line with Greta Thunberg’s initiative on Climate Change through Mother Earth Initiative; the Non-Governmental Organization distributed its Parachute across the world and I designed the Parachute for the Department of Forestry Resources in Kaduna State to sensitize local communities on the problems of Climate Change and what to do to mitigate the effects like flooding, drought, famine, etcetera. I attended ministerial meetings relating to the mass exploitation of Fuelwood in the Local Government Areas of the Kaduna State. Currently, I volunteer as editorial personnel of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources committee on de-reservation in the State.

People must change their behaviour on converting forest resources and how wildlife is being destructed for food only. The way we continually lost our natural heritage is alarming, and hence the need to communicate its gruesome consequences is imperative to avoid the loss of economy incurred by the United Nations to address Climate Change effects like flooding annually and to create green jobs for displaced women and youths to address the rate of poverty across the World.

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