Become a Storyteller

You have a story to tell

You are fed up with Single Stories that are told and you believe you can break those Single Stories by telling your own story? Join our community!

the climate Campaign - Stories for the COP 26
  • What increased your awareness of climate change?
  • When and how did you become involved in climate action?
  • What is your personal story about you and the climate?
  • Why do you want your story to be heard?
  • Why is your climate story intersectional?
our general outreach - SecondStories
  • How did you become the person who you are today? 
  • What is an event that shaped you?
  • What story about you would you like society to know?
  • Why do you want your Second Story to be heard?

Submit your final story or your draft to us. We welcome all languages and creative formats (texts, music, drawings, photography). Find a length that feels comfortable for you, but if possible, keep it within the frame of 750 to 2000 words